Transcontinental Train Travel Across Canada

| April 1, 2015

Transcontinental Train

Sometime in the near future make the time and effort to Travel Transcontinental by Train across Canada. It is one of the most memorable and truly spectacular journeys in the world. Plan your trip well and make the most of a journey that will take a minimum of 8 – 10 days or more depending on your stopovers in various cities and locations. It is very likely you will travel at least 5,500 kilometres, covering 5 different time zones.

Canada is the world’s second largest country and yet has a very small population estimated at just over 34 million people (2010 estimates). The majority of the population live in towns and cities close to the United States border. Northern Canada is more remote and much colder. There is no question that Canada is a land of exceptional beauty with many different and varied contrasts.

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